Saturday, June 25, 2011

Visiting The 2000 Houses Showcase

Visiting One Of The Semi-Detached Houses
Lot Of Companies Joined The Showcase Raiyan Company Is One Of It And By Far My Favourite
Living Room Area And Further Behind My Parents Are The Designated Dining Area
The Kitchen Is A Very Small Indeed
Staircase Area.. My Sister Suka The Rack Hahaha Pink Lagi Makin Tia Suka
This Is The Master Bedroom
Not Really A Clear Indication Of The Actual Size But It Got Its Own En Suite Toilet
Second Bigger Bedroom
The Smallest Room Of All 3 Bedrooms On The First Floor
Off To Visit Some More Houses
Dulu Paya Sekarang Dah Jadi Kawasan Perumahan.. In All It Is Quite Surprising Enough That Dari Luar Usulnya Sampit But Actually Its Quite Big.. Not Ideally For A Big Family Unless U Have The Extra Cash And By Both Semi-Detached House.. And Make It As One.. But For A Small Family This Might Be A Good Investment For Y'all!
True To The Bone!

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