Monday, June 20, 2011

My Personal View

I Know Its Kinda Late To Respon To This Matter But After A Few Days Of Understanding It Contents I Was In A Half-Half Matter.. Nya Org Melayu.. Awu Jua Inda Jua.. To Start It Off With I Have To Congratulate The Relevant Authorities For Their Effort To Uphold Our Very Own MIB Concept Especially With The Current Non-Stop Influx Of Westernization Invading Fast Like Wildfire The Characteristics And The Values Of Us Malays.. No Doubt As Well It Will Be A Very Hard And Long Lasting Battle And Both Relevant Authorities And Parents Has To Work Co-efficiently To Uphold These Values.. And Undeniably Western Values Is Starting To Rub In Our Daily Walk Of Life.. Not Surprising Especially With Western Tvs Are Part Of Our Kids Entertainment And More Importantly Parents Prefer To Raise Their Children That Way.. So At This Very Moment At This Particular Time Is It Wise To Work Against It Or Work Around It..? Take As An Example The Last Friday Sermon Stating Out That Celebrating Father's, Mother's Day Is Not For Muslim.. If It Is Valentine's Day Then Yes I Say A BIG BIG BIG NO To It.. But Saying No To Celebrating Father's And Mother's Day Is Some How Can Be Argued.. Yes Examples Are Given That These Days Was Formed Because Certain Event In The History.. But I've Been Blessed By Allah Subhanallah Taala To Have Live For Over 31 Years And I Pray Me And All Of Us Will Be Bless To Live Even Longer Than Tomorrow.. Amin.. Just Found Out What Is The Real Deal Of These Days Itself.. So Now Lot Of People Scratching Their Heads In Blame And In Shame That They Had Been Doing It For Years.. And Start Feeling Guilty But Still They Are Even More Of Us Out There Ignoring It.. Why Is That? I Do Believe That People Are Not Being Ignorant Or Being Disrespectful.

It Just Shows That People Right Now Seeing Things More In Broad Perspective.. All They're Saying Is That "I'm Celebrating My Father In Father's Day.. What Is Wrong With That..? It Just A Very Little Way Of Me Saying Thank You For All His Sacrifices And Him Taking A Good Care Of Me From The Day I Was Born Until Now". I Understand And Fully Agree That We Should Not Wait Until Father's And Mother's Day Just To Show Our Appreciation.. And That We Should Do It Regularly.. But Just Like Hari Raya Aidilfitri Where Everyone Is Seeking Forgiveness For Wrong Doing And Sins.. Father's And Mother's Day Also Share The Same Spirit Of Celebration.. So I Think That Saying Not For Muslim To Celebrate These Days Is Taking Things Out Of Context.. I Do Believe That The Word "Not For Muslims" Should Be Change To "Do It The Muslim Ways".. By Explaining To Us How Can We Celebrate In A Muslim Ways.. And Personally I Do Believe That Is The Right Way For Us Muslims To Celebrate Is By Not Forgetting Prayers And Asking For Allah's Blessing With Everything We Do.. Is The Real Different Between A Muslim And A Non-Muslim. Insya Allah =)
True To The Bone!

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