Saturday, June 04, 2011

Live From EGNC

Having A Course Right Now At E-Government National Centre And My Belly Is Not Doing So Good So Just Visited The Restroom Not So A While A Go Hahahahahahah U Just Read About Aku Beria Hahaahahahahaha.. So I Kinda Still Waiting When Is The Course Gonna Start And Everybody Seem To Be In A Relax Mood Well Its The Weekend Isn't It.. Owh Yeah I'm So Gonna Wake Up Late Tomorrow Morning.. By Saying Late Means As Soon As My Mum Wakes Up That Is.. Biasa Mun Udah Ya Bangun Siappppp Nada Tah Harapan Kan Nyambung Tido Tu.. Pot Pet Pot Pet Tia Memanjang..

Anyhow My Run Time This Week Is A So So Really.. Well I Done The Track 8 - Pandan Tujuh Route Round 2.. And Yes I Was Still Struggling At The Leg Of The Route But Alhamdulillah I Manage To Do A Personal Best Which I'm So Chuffed About.. Then Yesterday I Just Did A Quick And Short Run Session.. Man That Was Tough But I Need To Do That Often If I Want My Fitness To Improve.. So Since I'm In Bandar Today Might As Well Do A Jogging Session At The Stadium Later On..

Talking About Stadium LTD Recently Held A News Conferrence Regarding Their Plan To Launch The 'Designated Cycling And Recreation Area' Along The Close Surrounding Area Of The National Stadium.. This Is Very Applaudable Thinking That Lots Of Cyclist And Runners Do Run Not Only Just Inside The Stadium Area But More To A Broad Route Along Jalan Menteri Besar And Leg Co.. Closing Down The Area During Sundays From 6 Am To 6 Pm Is A Good Start But I Think More Should Be Done Especially Around The National Stadium & Budiman Lane Area.. As A Usual Go-er U Can't Help It But To Notice That Some Of Our Bruneian Drivers Really Love To Speed Up Their Vehicle For No Apparent Reason With No Regards Of Other Pedestrian Safety.. Same Issue Most Jogger Having At Track 8.. Track 8 Basically Is Just A Name Given By Joggers Because Of The Track Is Shape The Figure 8.. Actually It Is An Open Area Used To Be BSP Housing Area And U Can All Just Imagine How Narrow The Road Is..

It Really Tick Me Off When Driver Just Drive Along That Narrow Road With No Apparent Reason But Just Looking Around Smile On Their Face.. I Mean Seriously Hello.. We Joggers Need To Breathe Oxygen Not Carbon Monoxide.. It Is Just Sad That Some People Are Just Plain Ignorant..

True To The Bone!


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