Monday, June 13, 2011

What I Say To This

Borneo Bulletin Weekend Edition Another Good Read From The Writing Of Pg Hj Abd Rahman Pg Hj Omar.. One Line That Struck Me Straight Away Is This:

"Once Someone Is Promoted, They Will Just Dig In. And Become Defensive In Their Work And Do Not Want To Forward New Ideas Or Make Changes, Fearing It Might Upset Their Superiors. They Are Content With Their High Salaries And Take The Middle Road"

I Think That Bukan Saja Di Brunei Hal Ani Berlaku But Di Mana-mana Pun Sama Jua Ada.. I Mean Kalau Kitani Pikirkan What Is Our Main Aim Dalam Career Kitani.. Which Is To Better Our Job Prospect And To Stabilize Our Financial Mean.. Undeniable One Will Work Hard To Achieve That And When They Achieve It Most Of The The Time, Most Of Us Would Just Settle Down.. And Goyang Kaki.. Remember I Said Most.. Memang Tidak Dinafikan Ada Yang Benar2 Commited Untuk Memajukan Negara Kitani.. And For The Rest It Will Be A Very Hard Job To Change Those Kind Of Mindset.. Apalagi Dengan Kitani Org Brunei Yang Sudah Terlalu Biasa Dengan The Phrase "Cradle To Grave" Attitude.. Ertinya Kitani Sudah Terbiasa Di Dulur Sedari Mula Lahir Didulur Dengan Kemudahan Jadinya We As A Whole Easily Takes Everything For Granted.. Memang Juga Di akui When It Comes To Ideas Atau Perancangan Kitani Nda Akan Lari Dari Meminta Tolong Dari Konsultan Proffesional Seperti Mana Yang Ditulis Oleh Penulis.. And We Ignored The Idea Of The Locals.. And That Is Why Most Of The Time.. Government Servant They Feel Suffice To Just Shut Their Mouth.. Earn Their Bread At The End Of The Month.. To Accept Your Fair Share Of $$$ Is Great But It Is Equally De-moralising When Your Ideas Are Ignore.. Tak Caya..? Kau Cuba Lah Sendiri =)
Kadai Kuminis Done This Hehehehe.. Irony Bah Yg Banarnya Durg Cematu Ah.. The Took A Photo Of A Shoplifter On Their Counter And Entrance But Dont They Realise That They Too Are Thief.. Even Bigger.. Hehehehe..
True To The Bone!

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