Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photos Of Lunar Eclipse 15-16/06/2011 From Around The World

Lunar Eclipse Visible Among The Cables On The Anzac Bridge Sydney
A Partial Lunar Eclipse At The Vittoriano Monument On Piazza Venezia In Rome.. This Remind Me Of The Movie Angels And Demon.. I Wanna Go To Rome One Day..
A Partial Lunar Eclipse Is Seen Over The Village of Zejtun, Malta My Favourite Photo!
Lunar Eclipse In New South Wales, Albury, Australia
People Watch The Lunar Eclipse From A Rooftop In Belgrade.. Man That Was Some View Huh.. Too Bad It Was Early Morning In Brunei When It Happens But I'm Sure Ada Yang Sanggup Bangun Untuk Meliat
A Shadow Falls On The Moon During A Lunar Eclipse In Rome.. Man That Was Some Lens Huh
The Shadow Of The Earth Falls On The Moon During A Total Lunar Eclipse In Lyon
A Combination Of Photographs Shows The Gradual Lunar Eclipse Ending With A Total Eclipse, Marking The Beginning Of The Third Week Of The Islamic Month Of Rajab, As Seen Over The Skies Of Dubai
True To The Bone!

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