Thursday, February 25, 2016

Random Bit Again

Lets Start The Day With Something Random. Trying To Go Away From The Usual Update. Well Actually I Still Do The Usual Updates Later On But I Felt Like This Random Folder Been Sitting Around For Quite Sometime Might As Well I Just Get It Over With.

Back Then When I Used To Be A Monster Well Hardly A Monster But Boy I'm Big. Cua Liat Gambar Ku Bertiga aa Haha Kepisan!

Kambang Kan Tu Budak Lelaki. Sweet Kan Alai Zahra Atu. Heheheh Nda Ku Sampat Ngatil Alai Zahra. Kiyut Tu Alai Zahra Aaa Hehehe.

I Miss This Polo Shirt. Sedih Ku Nda G Ada Hilang Antah Ke Mana Tah Tujunya. Sah And Kompom Kana Cakuk Leh Amah Pinjam Heh!

I Just Can't Believe People Are Gullible. Just Because He Sat Next To DUKE Pakai Songkok And Then Some People Make A Headline Catu And Sahih Tah Tu. This Is Recycle News. And I've Been Seeing News About Brunei And Hudud Resurface Balik And Semuanya Recycled News.

So If You Ever Saw News Yang Kitani Kurang Pasti sahih From A Blogger. Stop Being A Sheep And Swallow Everything In Straight Away. Be Clever And Actually Do A Bit Of Research.

Shared In Our Group I Had A Good Laugh. Then Udah Ku Cek Ig. From The Lady Herself Shared It In Her Ig Account. Just Shows Her Product Advertisement Really Work Sampai Kanak Kanak Pun Tahu. Worrying Though. Just Show Kids Nowadays They're Exposed With Too Much TV.

Old Skool Sangat Hahaha. Ani Baru Ya Old Skool Berabis. Look At The Bell Bottom Pants. Rugged!

Need To Check My Money This Month. Hence I Have To Start Taking Records On Every Spending That I Made Daily. Mesti Ni Mesti. Or Else Nda Ku Tau Hala Tuju Perbelanjaan Ku.

Cua Liat Tu. I Bought $20 Woth DST MBB And Until Now Alum Lagi Abis. Great Innit. Banyak Bah Ku Save Ah. By Looking At The Last Few Months Spending On Recharge Was Around 100-120 That Is A Lot Money. 

February Alone I Paid $50 For Deposit Plus Connection For PCSB Unlimited Data Plan. Plus That $20 So I Am Only Spending Around $70 For Phone Bills. I Managed To Save $30-$50 Bijak Kan. So Soon I'd Be Paying My Bills $60 For PCSB Then I Just Recharged $10 Saja Kali My Mbb. In Fact I Think Ku Recharge Saja $10 And Jangan Bali MBB. Just Keep It saja. Teeheehee.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Nak Nap!"

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