Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday The 26th Of February

Waheiiiiiiiii Another Friday And That Means The Weekend Soon Follows. I Really Dig This 2 Days Off. It Really Is One Of The Good Things That Happening In My Life Hahahahaha Sekadar.

When I Woke I Can Actually Smell The Smoke. And I Thought Wow Really. Then Bila Ku Buka Pintu And My God! Hazy Lah In Fact Its Too Hazy Today.

I Didn't Even Bother Dressing Up Smart Today. Just Wearing Polo Shirts And Jeans. And I Haven't Wipe My Sleepy Face Off. Plus I Still Am Having A Slight Headache At The Moment. Mind You Though I Have Been Suffering From Headache Since Wednesday. I Do Not Think My BP Naik Or My Cholestrol Naik Whatever. I Have Been Getting Enough Sleep Lately And I Do Believe What Trigger This Headache Was Due To Having Difficulties In Trying To Sleep Last Wednesday. I Woke Up Early The Next Day Hence Started The Migraine Circle.

Just Bad The Weather Is Bad. I Don't Like This. I Still Have To Run Later I Don't Care.

She Had An Oil Change Yesteday So Now She Accelerates Well And Zooommmmmm And Vroooomm. Looks Disgusting Though. Need To Clean Her Up Esok.

Finished A Bit Of Work Then I Thought With This Headache. Fuck It Mate. I'm Not Having Any. And Look At My Work Space. Messy Innit!

Well At Least I'm Not All Alone For The Morning. Telbru Guys Fixing Our Fibre Optic Line.

Stopped By At One Of The Kedai Runcit For This. Trust Me Guys When Actifast Can't Cure An Annoying Headache Get Yourself A Panadol Extend. Take A Few And Sleep It Off. Relax Those Muscles. Alhamdulillah Help Soothe My Headache. Still Though I Will Run It Off Later. Probably Night Run.

Okay This Is A Late Post. This Is One Of The Proudest Moment For RB And Brunei. More Evidence To Show The World That Despite Being A Muslim Country The Woman Population Are Not Being Discriminated. Yet If You Read The COmment Section Foreigners Think Differently. Especially The Aussies. Why They Do That. I Just Wonder.

Fucking Hate This Headache. Its Like An X Gf Who Just Can't Leave U Alone. When They Around It Annoys U Out. When Its Gone It Left A Sting Feeling Like A Reminder That It Will Return. Fucking Metaphors!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Fucking Panadol Actifast Won't Work"

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