Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Wednesday 15th Of March 2017

Bought This On Tuesday. My Sinus Was Giving Me Bad Day Yesterday. So When We Were Around Guardian I Saw This On The Shelf And Taus Bali. Mana Lagi Sore Throats Memajal Haiya!

Lunch At Substation Airport Mall. Really Am Loving This Place. Dulu Aku Selalu Bali Yang One Foot Punya Size Membazir And Make Me Feel Bloated Yang 6 Inci Sandwich Is Good Enough For Me.

Another Round Of Data Collection. Boy This Task Sucks!

Malamnya I Went To ICC For A Family Meeting. Saja Kan Menghalusi Timing And Then Jua Tugasan Masing Masing.

Nah Kejumpaan Ku Plg C Dilah. He Is Our Security Colleague Di Bina Beribi. Now That Sudah Bertukar Security Company. Durang Pun Pacahlah Station Durg. Good To See You Bro!

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