Monday, March 13, 2017

The Thursday 23rd Of February 2017

National Day. Patriotic Spirit Is On Its High WoohOo!

Waking Up Early And Then Still Caught In The Traffic. Well Nda Plang Ku Surprise When A Few Thousands People Are Going To The Same Destination As Mine.

Thank God Wife's Uncle Have An Extra Car Pass. So I Get To Park My Car Lot Closer Than The Usual. Kesian Jua Kan Shikin Sal Kedia Awal Udah Parking Keretanya Di Luar Garage Rasanya Supaya Kami Dpt Parking Space. Nganya On The Actual Day Kawasan Dakat Umahnya Udah Filling Up So Mahkamah Syariah Parking Area It Is Then.

I Was Loving The Weather That Morning And Kinda Hoping It Stay Limbu For The Whole Event. Sekali Nah Ujan Tia Plang. Terima Saja Tia Rezeki Allah. Walking Towards Our Meeting Point Was A Pleasant Experience. Terasa Bah Aura Hari Kebangsaan Atu. Bandar Seri Begawan Was Full Of Colors. Walking Along The Royal Guard Was An Awesome Experience. Added To That Was The Patriotic Songs Being Played By The Marching Bands. Great, Awesome Rock On!

Playing The Selfie Game With A Familiar Face When I Had A Spot Of Breakfast. Paning Jua Cashier Babu Kitchen Di Bandar Atu. Bergaru Kepala Jua Kedia Hahaha.

When Its Time To Hurdle For March It Began To Drizzle. Hehehehehe  Wet Nipples Everywhere Hahahaha.

And It Began To Drench Hard Once We Were Marching Along Coffee Bean's Bandar. My God That Was Fun!

When Your Boss Wanted A Group Photo But Your Spindat Is Already Soaking Haha.

Ada Kawan Kami Menuntut Bininya Balik! Hahahahah Hy Ngian!

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