Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Monday 13th And The Tuesday 14th Of March 2017

I Wasn't Feeling The Best Over The Weekend. My Throat Are Killing Me. Sinus Were Bad. Headache Comes And Go. Body Aching. Feeling A Bit Feverish. I Soldier On Ignoring The Advice From My Wife To Have A Day Off.

Since Its A Monday Andang Udah Jadi Kelaziman Di Sini Ani. Kami Ada Morning Team Hurdle. Mostly Just Team Briefing About Event And Meetings Or Workshops Or Apa Saja Yang Gonna Happen Over The Week. And Then At The Same Time My Wife Ketinggalan Barang So I Told Her Just Texted Me When You're Here. Hehehe Hy Syg.

My Friend Left Me A Note. She Was Doing Some Work Over The Weekend. And I Haven't See Her Since The First Day I Started Here. Bangang Ku Sekajap Siapa Lagi Tinggalkan Note Ani. Ku Tanya The HSSE Team. Nah Tahu Tah Ku Siapa Hahaha. Bilang Org Kana Tinggalkan Note Hehe.

Also This Week I Was Nominated To Do Some CBD Or Data Collection Di Mall. So By Noon Aku Jalan Udah. And Then When I Was On My Way To My Car I Saw Shikin's Car. Kompom Di Bello Lagi Kedia Ni. Nah Banar Ehhhhh.

Late Lunch At KFC. What A Joke That Burger Size But Then Again Can I Really Complain When This Only Cost Me Around Five Bucks.

If You Really Want To Know What Is DARe Or Darussalam Enterprise. Iatah Udah Ni A Brief Explanation.

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