Saturday, March 04, 2017

Owh Its March Udah

Eh March Udah Panya Haha Lame! Apologies Dear Readers For Being Slow With The New Updates. Part Of It Because I Was Busy With National Day Practise. And The Come The Big News Just Before National Day. It Really Disrupted With My Daily Routine. I Was In Mad Rush To Finish My Work All The Time.

As Per The Announcement Made By Our ISM HOD. I Was Transferred To A New Team. And By That I Will Be Leaving ISM Kuala Belait. The Moment I Found Out About The Restructuring News. The First Thing That Comes Out Of My Mind Was Wow! Wife Is Going To Be Happy With The News. Well She Was Not Just Happy When I Shared The News With Her. She Was Jubilant.

My Family Was A Bit Shocked With The News. But When Everything Settled Down We All Understand The Bigger Picture. Now That I'm Married. Its Just Economically Great For Me To Commute Up And Down. Plus Its Always Been A Plan Between My Wife And I That Sometime In The Future I Have To Apply For A Transfer.

How Do I Personally Feel? Its A Bit Of A Mix If I'm Being Honest. You Know I Never Thought I'll Be Feeling The Same As I Was 7 Years Ago. That Feeling When I Was Transferred To KB. Leaving My Colleague s Behind. My Friends Whom I Hang Out With Daily. In Fact I Got Hit By That Same Feeling At This Very Moment. 

And What Was Worse When I Over Heard My Mom's Conversation About How She Will Miss Me. Even Though At The Moment I Am Staying At My In Law's Place. I Still Get To See My Family During The Weekdays Since My Office Was In KB. If I Don't See Them During Lunch Time, I Will Definitely Stopped By My Parent's House Before Heading Back To Sg Tampoi. As Well As Staying Back In KB Every Tuesday.

When I Woke Up This Morning I Had This Sudden Realisation That I Will Be Seeing My Parents During The Weekend. And That Alone Makes Me Feel Sad. I Know KB Is Just An Hour Drive But Still That Feeling Hits Me Really Hard. 

I'm Gonna Miss My Colleagues. We Build Great Relationship Over The Pass Months. We Clicked As A Team. Always Had A Good Laugh. And I Will Miss Those Crazy Chats, Gossiping And Those Loud Laughters With Roza. Those Arguments I Had With Musa And How We Laughed At The CIC Team Next Door When They Argue Over Petty Stuff.

At The End Of The Day. I Must See This As Another Chapter In My Life. Another Challenge Or Obstacle For Me To Progress. I Have To Keep A Positive Mind. And In Shaa Allah Things Will Get Better. Perancangan Allah Atu Semuanya Baik. Its Just Up To Us Saja Untuk Menerimanya Dengan Rasa Bersyukur.

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