Thursday, November 19, 2015

Monday The 16th Of November

Morning Narsis Selpi Is A Must Especially If You're Driving Alone For Work To Bandar. Fuh! Honestly Its Been A Long Week Hence Why I Went To Bandar To Lepak And Have A Good Chat With A Few Friends. Too Many Reports That Needed To Be Done. A Few Inspections That Needed To Be Inspected. Plus This And That And Its Been Totally One Hectic. Am I Complaining? Yes! Though For That I'm Loving It. Nganya Otak Ngalih Olehnya. Mana Lagi Kan Layan Whatsapp Org Komplen, My Officers Bertanya Itu Ini. Email Lagi Kan Dilayan. Utak Lalah Olehnya. Yatah Mesti Pandai Menguruskan. Need To Check Semua. Mana Yang Urgent Yang Perlu My Attention Mesti Dibuat Straight Away. Siap Atu Then Jangan Sambung Taus. Ilek Dulu Give Your Brain A Few Moment To Calm Down Then Sambung Lagi. Last Last Kana Tanya Apa Saja Kau Buat Atu. Well Well Well Bila Ku Tunjukkan. BOh Banyak Jua! Haha Si Wadi Kalaunya Sibuk. Sibuk Banar! Kalaunya Santai. Santai Banar!

Stopped By At Telisai For A Spot Of Breakfast. And Juga Pasal Aku Baru Terkanang A Few Reports Aku Lupa Menyain. I Don't Want To Menyain Di Opis Basar. Nampak Sangat Nda Organize Plus I Was Starving. Malam Pun Mostly Makan Sikit Sikit And Usually Biscuits. Yatah Bangun Pagi Kebulur!

I Always wanted To Do #Painganku Post In Front Of My Office And With That Sign As My Background. Posted On My IG And Mission Accomplished!

When The Other Half Asked Me Sampai Udah. Sent Her This Hehe Lapang Bah Usul Opis Ah. Padahal Sibuk Ni Bilang Org Since Tuesday TSUT Dari JPM Melawat Opis Kami. Well We Are Now Officially Transferred From MPRT (Ministry Of Permanent Resources And Tourism) Formerly Known As MIPR (Ministry Of Industry And Primary Resources) To JPM,

When I'm Done Melepak Sekajap Sama Durang. Ada Saja Kan Durang Kurapakan Ada Sajakan Durang Ketawakan Hehe.

Lunch Time Jumpa Kawan Ku Sorg Ani Lagi. Kedia Ani Pun Batah Ku Nda Berjumpa Jua. And One Of The Few Reasons Pasal Aku Jumpa Kedia Was To Pick Those Two Fridge Magnets. Garden By The Bay From Wati And Japan From Her Sister Nanih. Felt Guilty Though. I Haven't Bought Them Anything When I Was In KL. Nantitah I Look For A Nice Fridge Magnet Yang Balum Durg Terdpt.

Stopped At Kilanas For Zuhur. Bila Ku Siap Sembahyang I Looked At All The Tong Derma. Semua Bermangga Udah. Well Long Gone The Time Where Masjid Was Exempted From Thieve. Yeah Petty Thieves Like Kasut And Selipar Hilang Atu Kira Biasa. But Harta Yang Di Dalam Masjid Ani Payah Kan Di Dangar Kana Curi. People Are Getting Desperate Nowadays. I Wonder Why?

I Didn't Eat When I Met C Wak. Awalnya Aku Atu Plan Kan Makan Seama Kuey Teow At Jing Chew Since Aku Makai Kereta My Dad And Then Its A Manual And Going To Jing Chew During Lunch Time Is A No No For Me La. Jing Chew Nda Plang Ramai Org During Lunch Time But Going There Is Another Thing. So I Decided To Go Home Straight Away. And Stopped By At Telisai And Had This For Lunch. Its Been Quite Sometime Since I Eat This. Still Is Tasty Nganya Masalahnya Kekadang Ia Over Fried It Sampai Terasa Macam Hangus. Or Maybe Just Maybe They Need To Chance A New Frying Wok!

And Everybody That Was My Monday. Went To Sleep As Soon As I Arrived Home. Supposed To Be Singgah Opis Sekajap But Its Been A Tiring Day. And I'm Not Bothered At All Hee

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Mesti Makan Seama Kuey Teow Soon!"

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