Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Bit Of Random

One Of My Fave Dish At All Season Restaurant. All Season Signature Curry. And The Best Part Of This Dish Was When The Waiters Served You This Then You Take The First Sip Of The Curry Owh My God! Then If You Can Look Clearly The Fried Tofu On The Right Side Of The Bowl That Was Soak In Curry. You Took Another Sip Of The Curry Then You Put Those Hot Curry Soaked Tofu In Your Mouth. Instantly You Regretted It Because It Was Still Hot And You Make This Silly Face And Silly Noise Every Single Time. Hahaha Sia Siapun

This Was Yesterday When I Had Mee Jawa For Brunch With My Parents. The Problem With Eating Noodles With Thick Gravy Albeit Mee Jawa, Mee Laksa, Soto, Pastas And Spaghettis. You Will Always Have Food Stain On Your Shirt Every Single Time. So This Is What I Do. Putting Lots Of Napkins On My Buttons Like Baby Bibs. Does It Work? Partly Yes. I Still Wonders How On Earth Small Spots Of Stain End Up On My Shoulder. Gelojoh Ler Tu

Okay I Just Found One New Hobby. I Got Bored One Day While Waiting For My Parents. Then I Was Playing With Hp Which Was Merely Sliding It From Side To Side Then I Accidentally Clicked Google Talk. So I Tried Pronouncing A Few Random Words. Then I Thought Hey How About Testing My Pronounciation Skills On Tougher Words. Let See If Google Talk Can Understand Me. It Kinda Work. Its A Bit Addictive Though. Luckily Won't Hurt My Data So Much Hehe.

Alright That's About It Folks. See Ya Around Next Time. Thank God My Afternoon Was A Bit Free And I Was In The Mood For Blogging. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Malam Malam Aku Sendiri..."

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