Friday, February 10, 2017

Time Capsule

I Saw Somebody Posted A "Time Capsule" On My Facebook's Timeline. And I Thought That Was A Very Good Idea Indeed. Trying To Share And Record Of Your Present Moment For You To Review It Back In The Future. So Lets Do This:

Date : 10th of February 2017.
Age  : 36 Years, 10 Months & 6 Days.
Marital Status  :   Married.
Children   :   None.
Occupation  :   Darussalam Enterprise.
Car  :   Hyundai Sonata 2010.
House   :   None.

I'm Just Gonna Share A Simple Details Of Myself Saja Obviously. So Let's See How I Look And Where I Am In 3 Years Time. Hehhehe

Mudah-mudahan Tani Semua Dilanjutkan Usia And Di Sehatkan Tubuh Badan. Amin Ya Rabb.

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