Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Thursday 2nd Of February 2017

The Longest Day Of The Week Has Begun Hehe.
Since My I Had A Few Errands To Do So Relax Tah Ku Saja Hehehe. Need To Go To Anggerek Before Singgah Kb.

Jangan Kurang Selpi Lai Haha!

I Officially Announced That This Spot Will Be Mine Everytime Aku Ke Anggerek Teeheehee.

Then Singgah Sg Bera Checking Out The On Going Project Over There.

Again Jangan Kurang Selpi Haha.

Didn't Bother To Go To The Office Taus Since It Was Almost Lunch Time. Rest Sekajap Then My Wife Tanya Where Am I? Jangan Kurang Selpi Lai Haha!

And Of Course The Usual Routine.

And Of Course Since Its A Thursday Night. Tahlil Night In Lambak.

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