Friday, February 10, 2017

For Them Both

Both Photos Were Taken During The First Day Of Syawal 2013. It Was The Last Time That We Celebrated Our Hari Raya With Both Of Them. My Grandpa Left Us In 2014 And My Grandma in 2015. Seri Hari Raya Atu Kurang Ever Since. Hence I Keep On Reminding Myself To Appreciate Our Old Folks.

Nothing More I Can Do For Both Of You Except My Everlasting Love, Continuously Missing The Both Of You And Prayers That May Allah Grant The Both Of You Jannah.

"Allahummagh Firlahum Warhamhum Wa'Aafihim Wa Fu'anhum"
Yang Bermaksud.
"Ya Allah Ampunilah Dosanya, Berilah Rahmatmu, Sejahtera dan Maafkanlah"
Amin Ya Rabb.

I Love You!

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