Monday, August 08, 2016

The Saturday 30th Of July 2016

Malas Lah Nak Cakap Panjang Apa. So I Just Post Photos Saja Lah Aaaa.

So We Turned Up For Work On A Saturday. On Our Day Off Pasal Kami Ani Rajin? Bukan Pasal Kami Ani Berdedikasi? Pun Bukan. Pasal Terpaksa Haha.

Heheheheheh Kesian Jua Kekadang Durang Ani. But I Keep On Wondering Do They Charge Another Indian/Bangladesh/Pakistan To Do Their Business Card Or The Printing Company Couldn't Give A Tosh At What They Typed? If The Later One Is True Then It Is Very Unethical I Must Say.

Then The Weather Turned In On Us!

Been Running Around All Day. So Having A Heavy Brunch Is Okay!

Sesi Petang. Going Around The Complexes With Another Contractor. My Goodness I've Been Running Around All Day Long And I Was The Only One Handling This In The Afternoon. The Other Colleague Had Other Commitment With Their Family Members. Dah Diri Bujang. Awu Kan Tah Saja Dulu.

Labat Paluh Beb! Best!

Dijadikan Cerita Kawan Ku Share With Aku Tentang Something Something. Sekali I Took A Selfie Then Ku Sent Arah Kawanku To Send It To Our Other Friend Hahahahahahah Malas Ku Cerita Panjang. Nda Jua Kamu Paham Tu. Inside Jokes In My Group Chat. Hy Kin! Hope You Enjoy My Smirk! Hahahahahhahaha :p

Then Later That Night. Mengumpul All Barang Hantaran Then Off To Lumut Menghantar Ke Umah Tua. My Cousin Menulung Mengubahkan. Alhamdulillah.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Alright Now I Can Relax!"

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