Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Hey Its August Baby

Alhamdulillah Syukur Kepada Allah. Masih Dipinjamkan Nafas Untuk Berjumpa Dengan Bulan Ogos Hehe. July Has Been An Up And Down Month For Myself. The Later Part Has Been Quite Difficult. Anyhow I Leave It As It Is For Now. Kang Tah Mun Ku Rajin Bercerita. I Haven't Been Finish With Updating Pasal Bulan Tujuh. Will Do So In The Coming Days.

I've Arrived In The Office Quite Early Hahaha Tia Kang. Mcm Biasa Lah Then Lingered About Knowing Too Well That Today Is Going To Be A Long Day. 

With All The Site Meetings, Inspections That Has Been Set. I Just Didn't Realized Its Going To Be That Demanding. So I Set Everything To Start At 9.30 Am. So Voila By 9:15 Everything Start Rolling.

By 11.30 Am  I Had My Last Site Inspections With The Contractor. Kira Our Current Guy Who Is Cutting The Grass. So I Told Him. Eh Minum Dulu. Been Standing Around For 2 Hours Plus In The Sun. Done That. Then Showed Him Around Kawasan Mana Yg Aku Nda Terpakai Or Rasa Kurang Memuaskan Kebersihannya Then I'm Done.

By The Time Aku Sampai Opis. I Looked At The Common Area Which Is Kawasan Lapang Kompleks Trying To Memorize Apalagi Yang Aku Miss Out. Then I Remember I Got A Few Phone Calls To Make. 

You Know It Is Kinda Hard To Be Corteous While At The Same Time Trying To Be Stern With Your Warning. Hoping People Will Respect Your Instruction. Payah Nyamo You Need To Be Strict But At The Same Time Kena Ada Timbang Rasa And Budi Bicara. Tapi At The Back Of Your Head Kalau Durang Ani Nda Membuat Then You're Gonna Endure Someone's Wrath.

And By The Time I'M Done It Was Already Close To 1 Pm. So I Had A Quick Lunch Which I Prepared Earlier. Then Try To Have A Power Nap.

So Baru Jua Aku Merabah Badan Atas Lantai Bilik Meeting. Baru Jua Kan Terlalap Mata. Then My Boss Dari Bandar Menelipun. Wadi We're Leaving JPM Now With Our TSUT. Kan Lawat Site Yang Kamu Locked Down Last Monday (Nanti Th Ku Share) On Other Updates. So Apalagi Bungkas Ku Bangun. Taus Tah Ambil Wudhu And Get Ready With Everything. And Mind You We Had A Site Meeting With Officials From DES At 2 Pm. So Time Was Sangat-Sangat Singkat. 

Selasai Semuanya I Had A Blinding Headache. Karing Bah Bibir, Mulut. Haus Berabis. Ampar Kami Dua Org Kb Ari Ani. Hahahaha Hanya Allah Saja Yang Tahu. Sampai Sampai Opis Taus Ku Bali Drinks. And Aku Ani Nda Jua Minat Kan Minum Oren Tin. 100 Plus Is An Exception Nyawa Tu. Nganya Mun Udah Kurg Gula Rasaku. I Need A Sugar Shot Quick.

Pushing 7 Pm In The Night. I'm Done With All The Findings Reports. One Of The Officer From EIDPMO Told Me She Needed The Report Malam Salnya Kedia Kan Menunjukkan Report Arah Our Minister.

Sighhhh Buat Saja. Lillahi Taala Saja. Kan Hari Hari Udah Ahir Balik Ani. Biar Tia Ikhlaskan Saja. Allah Taala Tah Saja Yang Menilai And Hopefully Balasan Yang Kan Diberinya Nanti Will Be Better.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Roll On Tuesday!"

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