Friday, December 30, 2016

The Friday 30th Of December 2016

This Going To Be My Last Post For 2016. Heheheh Wow With 2017 Just Under 32 Hours To Go I Dont't I Will  Bothered To Update Anything From Now Until 3rd Of January In Shaa Allah. I Will Share Any Celebrations As Usual Kalau Ada But My Typical New Year's Eve Will Be Just Staying In. Maybe Keluar Lah Mengupi With My Wife But It Will Stay The Same Macam My Bachelor's Year Hehe.

383 Updates For This Year. I Have Reached My Target Of Doing More Updates Than Last Year Nganya A Bit Gutted I Was 3 Posts Short For December But Its The Overall Yang Penting. In Shaa Allah Next Year Jika Di Lanjutkan Usia Oleh Allah Subhannallah Taala I Will Continue Blogging. Maybe With A New Looks Who Knows Kan.

Thank You 2016 It Has Been A Ride! Sorry Guys Nda Sabar Kan Balik And Cuti Haha.

Til My Next Post.. Have A Great New Year Celebration And Take A Very Good Care Of Yourself!

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