Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Sunday 11th And The Monday 12th Of December 2016

I'm Feeling Lazy Hence Why I Did A Two Day Post. Hahahah Tia Kang. But I Am Lazy Over The Long Weekend. The Only Activity I Did Was Giving My Wife's Car A Thorough Wash Atu Saja. Most Of The Time I Just Stay Inside.

Plan Kan Cuci Kereta Nda Jadi. Plan Kan Jog Nda Jadi. Plan Kan Jalan Jalan Di Pantai Nda Jadi. Why? Well The Weather Didn't Help. Both Of Us Just Stayed In And Enjoy Being Lazy. Tidur Memanjang Sampai Kan Ikut My Dad Ke Masjid Pun Nda Jadi. Nyaman Tidur. 

So Malamnya We Decided To Have Lamb Bbq. Biasaklah My Speciality. And Since Nada Grill Kami Makai Grill Yang Electric Just To Have Cook It Then Air Fry These Bad Boys. The Result Was Just Marvellous!

 And Meliat Concert C Dato Siti Nurhaliza. I Still Enjoyed Her Show. Nak Kata Minat Tak Jugak But I Really Enjoy Her Show.

The Reason Why Aku Ahir Bangun Sampai Miss Maulud! Syabas Syabas Hahahahhaha.

When I Told U Guys The Weather Didn't Help Kan. Ani Was Taken Masa Kami Kan Balik Ke Bandar But Ku Bawa Bini Ku Round Round Kb Dulu.

#WeAreTheBolats #SemakinBolats

Then I Told My Wife Lets Stop Di Telisai. I Wanted To Introduce Arah Kedia This One Restaurant Di India Yang Aku Kenyamanan. She Went She Tasted And She Approved Hehe.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Batah Jua Cuti Krismas Ani Eh!"

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