Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Wednesday 16th Of November 2016

Lets Just Call Today The Insignificant Wednesday Since I Can't Find A Single Thing To Share But For The Sake Of Updating Lets Just Share A Few Thoughts Along The Way Maybe Lah Ah.

So Insignificant That I Conclude The Photos Of Jalan Lama And Hujan While Commuting To This Post Hahahaha.

Ahhhh Probably The Photo Of My Workmates Roza Sticking A Tissue In Her Nose Pasal Ya Selesema Kali Ahahhahahahaa Trust Me This Is Not Staged. She Got A Great Attitude Hahahaha.

Thanks Syg For The Breakfast!

Well This Blog Has Now Official Become A Daily Diary Bah Ah. Nganya Nda Lah Aku Terlampau Bercerita Hal Personal Ku Di Sini. Plus Malas Jua Ku Kan Mengadu Domba Banar Untuk Tontonan Umum. Kang Kamu Lebih Tahu Pasal Diri Ku Dari Aku Tahu Pasal Diri Kamu. Bahaya Tu Bahaya.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"What A BS Post! Hahaha"