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Abu Dharr (May Allah Be Pleased With Him) Reported: The Prophet (PBUH) Said, "Do No Belittle Any Good Deed, Even Meeting Your Brother (Muslim) With A Cheerful Face"


Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Thursday 3rd Of November 2016

Another Long Day Guys And If You Think Wednesday Was Busy. Heh Think Again! #Sekadar

My Day Started Late. I Left Sg Tampoi Late Pasalnya My Appoinment With The HSSE Team Started At Around 9:30 Am. Plus Bila Ku Msg Durg Pun Running Late Jua So I Just Take My Sweet Time.

 Singgah Tutong Sekajap Sal Aku Baru Ingat Yang Aku Baru Breakfast And Knowing That Hari Ani Aku Berpanas And Banyak Moving About. I Need To Fill Up My Energy Laaa.

Good News For Org Org Telisai And Kawasan Sekitarnya. Looks Like They Really Are Gonna Install Traffic Light In This Area.

Our Morning Appoinment. Man That Was Tiring. And The Day Was Super Duper Hot. Phew Phew Phew.

Its Been Awhile Since I Eat At Zuki So On That Day Apalagiiiiiiiii Mengjuki, Mengkolo Mee Banjir And Meng Sami Chow See (Nda Ku Tau Cana Ngeja).

Luckily Though Well Sasak Plang Ku. We Had To Cancel Our Afternoon Plan Pasal One Of The Company Nda Cek Durg Punya Company's Email And They Weren't Ready For A Site Visit. Boohoo.

Balik Awal? Hahahahh Tia Kang. And This Was Me Parking Next To The Road In Sg Liang. Emailling And Liasing With Companies For Our Thursday Site Visit. Remember When I Said Last Minute Nah Nah Nah Hahahhaa.

Sampai Umah By 4:30 Balik Macam Macam Biasa Tah Jua. That Afternoon Nap That I Dreamed About Macam Nda Jadi Saja.

When I Arrived Home. Aku Nada Kunci Umah. Then I Rang The Bell. As Soon My Father In Law Opened Up The Door. And Then These Two Munchkins Taus Bangun. Yang Kaka Minta Ke Atas. Uwaaaaaaaaaa So I Said To Her No Kaka. Tani Main Bawah Saja Ahh. And Adik Pun Minta Ambil And Play Time. No Afternoon Nap Then. Hahahaha.

We Went Out For Awhile Bawak These Two Munchkins. Then My Wife Nda Sanggup Jaga Adik Yang Super Hyper So We Turned Back Home And Dropped Off Adik. And Then While Kami Waiting For Babu. Haa Haa Haa Haa Mas Ku Ah Fotokopi Bah Fotokopi.

One Year Ago Today! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I Wanna Go There Again Bah Uwaaaaaaaaaa.

So Much For A Co-Driver Syg. Hahahahahahah Nada Harapan Eh Tido Tia. Hahahaha Well Heading To Kb Then. Lalah Jua Yang Banar. Bndr - Kb - Bndr - Kb.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Lalah Bah Lalah"

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