Monday, July 04, 2016

Nah Kau Nah

I Swear To God I'm Not Gonna Sugar Coat This Post. I'm Not Gonna Hide Any Name Because This Is Totally Uncalled For.

It All Begin With Me Commenting In Media Permata's IG. They Were Doing A Speeding Reminder. With The Picture Of Recent Accident Where A Car Caught In Fire. And I HAVE TO ADMIT MY MISTAKE. When I Tagged That Person I CLEARLY DIDN'T SEE HIS WHOLE COMMENT. The Second Photo Will Show It As A Person Called Me Out.

When He Said I Should Think Before I Post. I DO AGREE! I DIDN'T SEE The Bit "Speeding Got To Do With Fire". Mainly Because It Was Around 5 Am In The Morning And My Attention Span Was Poor. So Of Coz I Tracked Back What I Said. Because Its Wrong And I Also Admit It Was A Poor Choice Of Words. Eventhough I Didn't Said It There. BUT FOR THE RECORD I ADMIT TO MY MISTAKE AS IT CLEARLY LOOKS LIKE I WAS SAYING THE DRIVER ACTUALLY SPEEDING. What I Was Trying To Say Is That Speeding Has To Do With Accidents. PLURAL! Speed Kills Period!

But For Him To Actually Continue To Attack Me Just Because Of That Actual Post. And I Did Mentioned It To Him That He Thinks That I Am Referring To That Actual Accident Then He Is Wrong. Sadly His Persistent Was To Know End. And Actually Resorted To Insult Me By Saying That My Train Of Thought Showed That I Have A Limited Intellectual Capacity, That I Am Ignorant And A Confuse Person. Well Mr Munir. I Take That As An Insult. He Go On About Statistic And Such. Well Did He Not Read The News. Not Even A Day Passed One Self Accident Happened Where A Car Flipped. 21 Speeding Tickets Was Being Issued By RBPF As Was Reported By The Brunei Times. And There Were Photos Circulated In Facebook Regarding That Accident. 2 Cars Were Actually Involved But I Won't Say Much On That Since It Is Not The Point Here.

He Said That Speeding Is Not The Only Case. Of Course It Isn't. But It Won't Remove The Fact That The Main Causes Of Most Car Accidents In Brunei Were By Speeding. Yes Ada Kawasannya Jeraya Nda Bagus, Yes Ada Kawasan U-Turn Yang Merbahaya Di Brunei Ani. And Other Factors As Was Mentioned By Him. Yet Do Most Drivers Slow Down While Driving Through Those Area? NO! If You Are A Frequent Commuter From KB To Bandar Or Vice Versa. You Will Know. It Doesn't Matter If It Was A Dry Or In A Wet Weather Conditions. Most Bruneian Drivers Fail To Slow Down. 

And I Really Find It Quite Hypocritical Of Him By Keeping On Reminding Me To Stop Assuming Yet He Is Doing The Same To Me, On The Basis Of My 'Disjointed' Comment. And Mind You I Don't Even Try To Correct Him Further Because This Was Social Media For God Sake. People Who Insist To Argue In Social Media Over Something Petty. Are The People Who Try To Proof That They Has The Biggest Testies Or The Biggest Ego And That Is No Assumption! And More Importantly I Was Fasting. I Rather Hold My Tonger Than Kurang Pahala Puasa.

So I Told Him To Tone It Down And I Told Him That He Was Just Being A Rude And An Arrogant Person And That Probably Rattled Him More.

Then I Direct Message Him. This Was The Nicest Way I Can Tried To Tagur Him. 2 Days Gone By. No Reply. Not That I Care But Sometime I Really Need To Cakapi This Kind Of Person. 

Like I Said It Is Totally Uncalled For. I Never Insulted His Being Nor His Family Or His Religion. Yet He Was Quick To Judge And Insult Me. Well Done Dr Munir.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!


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