Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lupa Ku Apa The Real Title

Di Jadikan Cerita I Was A Bit Down With Flu And Migraine Yesterday. Actually To Tell The Truth I Was Suffering From Migraine Since Saturday. Thank God That Today It Subsided Eventhough I Am Still Suffering From Migraine Hangover. Sandi Eh Puas Bah Ianya Menghantam Kediaku Kan 4 Hari Merasa. And Then Yang Membari Malas It Started Slow First Balah Kanan Then Ilang Ya Balah Kiri And Then Yang Worse Bila It Hit The Middle Part Of Your Head. Hated It When This Happen.

Since I've Got Nothing Better To Do Plus Menunggu My Dad To Fetch Me So Bercerita Tah Ku Sedikit Sebanyak Sal Kemarin And Today Laa Aaa.

Can't Find Any Socks Haa Haa Haa Plus Aku Malas Kan Mencari Banar Banar. So I Wear This Stupid Socks. It Felt Funny And I Had A Hard Time Trying To Put Them On. Nda Kan Mau Lurus Jari Atu Masuk.

One Of The Many Morning Routine These Days. Putting On The Serum By Nivea. Not Expensive Though Cost Me About RM50. Even If You Convert It To Bruneian Dollar Pun Still Is Costly Kan Kan. Notice The Watch COllection At The Back Haha I Wish I Have A Better Box To Place It. Nanti Round Mencari Eh. Back To This Serum. With The New Nivea Face wash Plus Using K-Colly Collagen Really Helps Making My Face Looks Better. Remember Back Then How Bad My Face Looks Like?

Biasalah Kalau Udah Wednesday This Is My Routine. Site Visit Di Sg Bera. 

I Don't Want Murtabak Or Anything Heavy So I Thought Lets Go To Universal Cafe And Pekena Benda Nyaman Ani. And Voila Siap Dua Round Lagi. Burp Alhamdulillah.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
TRue To THe Bone!

"Universal Cafe Is A Must Visit Place If You're In Seria"

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