Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday The 27th

Plan Asal Was To Start My Puasa Sunat 6 Di Dalam Bulan Syawal Today. Sadly Since I Nyaman Tidor Didn't Even Woke Up For Sahur Or Subuh Melepas Lah. Dem It! Berapa Kali Udah Ku Qadha Subuh These Days. Rindu Jua Rasanya Kan Bulan Ramadhan. Woke Up For Sahur Then Reciting Quran Before Subuh Prayer. Hardly Miss A Subuh Prayer. Sambung Tidur Afterwards And Woke Up Super Late For Work Haa Haa. I Also Miss Going Back Home At 2 Pm Banar Tah. Enjoy Ku Syudah! Ah Well All Good Things Has To End Sometimes Kan.

And Today I Woke Up with A Very Dry Throat. And I'm Having A Headache Jua. Funny I Was Suffering From Migraine Since Saturday Til Yesterday. I Woke Up Today Feeling Sickish. Then I Remember Last Night My Dad Was Merrily Sneezing Over And Over Again Balik Balik To My Face. Nah Banar Eh. Seriously That Guy Last Puasa He Infected Me With Fever And Cough Which I Still Am Suffering From Today!

Muka Yang Segar Walaupun At This Time My Throat Felt Itchy. It Was A Cold Morning Since It Was Raining All Night Long.

I'm Loving The New Shoe Cabinet That My Parent Bought Just Before Raya. Finding Our Shoes Are Now Easier. No More Messiness. No More Peeping To Shoe Boxes To Find Where The Bloody Hell Is My Working Shoe!

On The Way I Saw This Lowered New Nissan Pulsar. The First Time I Saw This I Thought Wow Especially The One That Was Equipped With A DIG Turbo Engine. The Looks Was Wow I Love It. So There Are Now Two On My Wishlist Which I'm Sure I'm Not Gonna Get Anytime Soon. This Car And The New Mazda 3. The Problem Is When I Finish Sonya's Installment Kinda Planning To Get A Honda Jazz. My Old Jassie's Model. Ah Well Still Is A Long Time To Go Before That Gonna Happen. So For Now I'm Just Gonna Enjoy Sonya Because She Has Been A Very Good Girl To Me. Even Though She Acted Like A Proper Pompuan Kabaret Last December!

Her Front License Plate Has Been Fixed. Paid For It Last Ramadhan Only Managed To Sent Her For Fixing Yesterday.

Hot Lemon To Start The Day. Helps To Clear My Nasal And Chest. Too Bad The Forgot To Put In Sugar. Masam Bro Masam Sis. Bida Mua Olehnya Minum.

The Usual Routine Pagi Pagi Around 10:30 Pick Up These Two Lovebirds. Then Off For Brunch Before Then Dropping Me Off To The Office.

NI Lah Mangga Yang Paling Sedap We Had In Our Laman. Terpaksa Malar Disambangi. Lingka Suka Mencuri Membari Sasak. Last Saturday Saja Nampak Ku Sorg Memupul Mangga Ah. Mun Yang Gugur Udah Nda Jua Marah Ani Yang Alum Masak. Udah Atu Sekalinya Memutik Nda Lagi Meninggalkan. Udah Kedapatan Lari Lintang Pukang. Tantang Ku Atu. Yatah Asal Kejumpaan Siuk Ni Meneriaki. Haa Haa Haa Bukannya Karit But Kinda Annoying Bah. Kalau Nak Mintak Org Boleh Kasi.

White Truffles Hahaha I Wish. Just Mushroom. Mun Org Putih Suka Ni Durg Makan Cendawan Cani Aa. Mum Argued Bukan Cendawan Kuyuk! Told Her Bu Cendawan Kuyuk Bulat Basar Atas Bumi. Ani Tumbuh Arah Kawasan Pukuk. Tak Sama Laaaa.. Ooooo Sekalinya Kan kau Makan. Eh Tidak La Org Ampus Mana Boleh Makan Cendawan. Especially Time Hujan Hujan Ani. Sajuk Weiii

So I Suppose That's All For Today. Banyak Udah Ku Sedakah Updates. Esok G Nyambung. Happening Jua Aa My Life Ani Even Though To Be Honest Slow Jua. Anyway A Few Raya Post Will Be Posted Again Esok In Shaa Allah. So For Now Just Enjoy The 4 Posts That I Posted For Today. Eh Ngam Kah 4 Posts? Ah Well Pandai Tah Kamu Berhidup Mengira Haa Haa Haa.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
TRue To THe BOne!

"Shall I Go For A Run Today?"

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