Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Monday 29-01-2018

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Monday Is Here.

Despite My Lack Of Sleep I Managed To Wake Up Early And Then Packing Barang Pun Batah, Getting Ready Pun Nda Batah. And Managed To Leave Home Early Than The Usual.

What Luck. My Nixon Time Teller Putus Tali! Uwaaaaaa! Sayang Eh. Malas Ku Explain Cana Boleh Putus Atu.

And As Usual Udahnya Commute Dari Kb Atu Singgah Tah Dulu Di Telisai For Tapau.

The Drive To Bandar Was Lovely. Especially When We Were Ascending The Hill Towards Tasek Biru Police Post. With The Fog And What Not It Was Beautiful Until We Reached Tungku Link Highway. The Traffic Jam Was So Bad That Its Moves Slightly And Then It Stand Still For Quite Sometime. Looking At The Time It Was Already 8 Am. I Made A Decision To Re-route Lalu Terunjing And Then Lalu Lambak And Berakas. Sampai Opis Just Before 8:30 Alhamdulillah. That Was Really Bad. Next Time Masuk Jp Lalu Katok Then Pakai The Normal Route Saja Eh. Stressful Bah Cani Ani.

Nda Batah Duduk Atu Taus Tah Ku Signal My Colleague. Jom Breakkie Lapar Laaa.

Then Ard Midday Another Colleague Yang Baru Return From Her Leave Shared Chocs Dari Hong Kong. Nyummmmmm!

Went For A Site Inspection With Asarol And Saima. Had A Very Light High Tea. Walaupun No Lunch But The Heavy Breakfast Udah Fill Me Well In.

Pagi Tali Jam Tangan Putus. Patang Tangkai Kaca Mata Ku Lagi Patah. What Luck!

ASMO Eh These Two Munchkins.

"Need New Shades ASAP!"


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