Tuesday, August 01, 2017

August Is Here

Finally August Is Here. Atu Batah Rasanya Bulan Julai Atu Hahahaha Bukannya Apa Plang Tu Just In Term Of Financial Ku. Very Tight Berabis This Month But Ialah Atu Plang Saja. Not Everything Was Bad In July Sure It Gave Us A Good Test But Alhamdulillah We Managed To Steer Through It Well.

It Kinda Sucks Though Pasalnya My Posting For Bulan Julai Was Short By Three So If You Just Checked My New Updates Cukup Bah Untuk Aku Samakan Total Posting Ku Atu. Tough Luck Nda Apa Lah At Least A Good Start Lah For July As I Managed To Post 4 Updates.

What To Look Forward In August? A Lot Actually. My Blog Will Turn 9 Years Old. Wah Alhamdulillah Jua Tu Aaa. Almost 10 Years Of My Life Are Recorded Here. I Just Hope Blogger.com Can Stay Forever. Or Else Di Mana Lagi Ku Kan Continue Blog. Hahaha Awu Awu Banyak Plang Lagi Tu Other Websites But Hey Come On When You Stuck At Something For A Long Time It Become Part Of You Bah. Nda Ja.

August Also Marks My First Wedding Anniversary So That Will Be Something To Look Forward As Well. Phewwwwww Nak Dikatakan Nda Terasa Nda Jua. It Has Been A Testing Ride Nevertheless I Am Forever Grateful For Every Single Minute Of It.

Gonna End It Here Now. So Take Care Everyone! Enjoy August!

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