Monday, July 10, 2017

Syawal Ke 8, 9 Dan 10

8th Of Syawal.

I Told My Friend Musdi I'm Cooking Some Ayam Kerisik And I Will Be Bringing Some Of It Ke Opis. Cuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Udahnya Sampai Durg Makan Di Opis. Sanyak Duduk!

That Beautiful Monday Sunrise When I Opened Up The House Door. And Marks The End For Monday Post Hahahahahah Nda Siuk Kisah Hidupku Ani Bah Eh.

9th Of Syawal.

Tuesday Was Equally Uninteresting Hahaha Banar. Nganya Finally My Wife Semangat Membawa Ber Riadah Di Taman Menteri Besar. My First Time Here. I Kinda Like It Pasal Its Now Crowded And Payah Cari Parking Since Kami Awal Sampai. Well My Wife's Office Was Basically Next Door. Capat Sampai Capat Parking Capat Bermula And Capat Abis. Managed To Clock 35 Mins. Nda Plang Belusir Aku Belusir Berlari Saja. So That Was Good!

10th Of Syawal.

When Your Boss Brought You To A Meeting With The Representative Of One Of The Richest Man In Brunei. Yes One Of The Richest Man. Who? Biarlah Rahasia.

When One Of Your Colleague Crave For Nasi Briyani. Then I Told Her Go Find A Minimum Of 10 Pax Then She Came Back To You With 20 Pax Worth Of Order. Briyani Monday Is Ong!

When Your Wife Started Cooking You Brown Rice Then You Requested Ayam Kicap To Counter The Blunt Taste Of Brown Rice. Bida Masih Mua Makan Lai Hahahaha.


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