Monday, June 12, 2017

The Saturday 10th Of June 2017

Before Heading Back To Kb My Wife And I Went For A Sungkai Food Marathon. We Went To Gerai Ramadhan At Bandar Where I Met Abg Hj And Zack. Bought Teh C Special From Abg Stall Which Was Super Super Satisfying Then From There We Continue Browsing Foods At Gadong Night Market.

U Need A Good Self Control When You're In This Place Pasalnya Liur Ramadhan Atu Ah Macam Macam Kan Dirasa. The Food Looks Delicious Bah Banar Tah Tapi Udahnya Sungkai Kepisan! Mcm At One Instance My Wife Tais Liur Kan Mee Mamak So One Stall Berjual And It Looks Delicious Sudahnya Sungkai We Can't Even Finish Half. Hahahahaha.

Home Sweet Home. Owh Its Good To Be Back As Well. And I Will Enjoy This One. Long Weekend Holiday Where We Don't Have To Drive Early Monday Morning For Work!

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