Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Very Late Post (Majlis Dikir Marhaban Di Rumah)

This Is A Tradition For Our Family.. During The Month Of Rabi'ul Awal We Held Majlis Dikir Syarafil Anam By Majlis Wanita Islam Kb.. Its An Annual Function.. And So Does Majlis Tadarus During The Month Of Ramadhan.. Apa Nya My Mum.. Walaupun Budget Kurang.. Its A Must.. And I Agree With Her.. Imbalan Pahalanya Terlalu Besar Untuk Dilepas Pandang! =)

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The Tuesday Blagh Blagh Blagh

Salam Readers.. So January Is Coming To An End Soon.. Hows Your January Treating You So Far.. Do You Compare It With Last Year's January.. So If You Did How Does It Fair? I Do Sincerely Hope Everyone Is Having A Good Ride.. And If Its Not I Wish  That You All Be Given The Strength To Pull It Through.. 
My January? Well I Have A Good Feeling That This Will Be A Great Start To The Year Feels Like There Are Lots Of Positive Purpose In It.. In Shaa Allah.. Doa Yang Penting.. Tambahkan Lagi Usaha Dan Jangan Jua Mudah Putus Asa Dalam Mencari Ikhtiar Dan Bila Kitani Dah Buat Semua Atu.. Akhir Sekali Sebagai Org Islam Tani Hanya Perlu Berserah Dengan Penuh Tawakal.. Hehehe Formula D-U-I-T! 
As I Was I Saying, Yeah It Has Been An Up And Down Month So Far..Tho For That I Have To Admit.. Walaupun Ada Saja Dugaan Atu And I'm Telling Ya.. I'm Having Some This Month But Unlike Last Year.. Jalan Penyelasaian Atu Mudah Bebenor.. Syukur Alhamdulillah.. Kusut Tetap Kusut.. Paning Tetap Paning.. Sasak Tetap Sasak But Jalan Atu Ada Bah..
The Power Of Saving Jua Banar Ah.. Yes I Have To Admit.. Bulan-bulan Memang Banyak Berapa Ja Gaji Ku Untuk Ku Spent.. But Since Everything Pun Udah Settle When It Comes To Spending And Jua Berikat Perut Saving Every Month.. But Nya Org.. Ikat Perut Now But When There Is Trouble.. At Least Ada Bah Yang Menunggu.. Hehehehe Saving For The Rainy Day Kot! Plus Its Good Jua Lah.. With That Comes Responsibility And Prudent.. Nda Salah Kalau Kan Spending.. Sekali Sekala.. Just That I Have To Know Where Is My Limit Saja.. Bila Ada Duit.. Save Some Spend Some.. Nda Jua Rugi..
My Body Is Feeling Much Much Better Now.. A Day Rest At Home And Not Doing Anything.. No Cardio.. No Fat Burner Intake.. And Lots Of Hot Japanese Green Tea Really Revitalize The Body.. Bukannya Apa Been Having Heavy Chest Lately And I Take That As A Sign My Body Telling Me To Chill The Bloody Down.. That Is Why I'm Giving Myself A Rest Yesterday.. Kan Kurus2 Jua But Kesihatan Diutamakan.. Nda Ja?
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Shoulder Workout Log

1) Shoulder Military Press!
  • 4 Sets - 15 Kg - 8 Reps, 20 - 6, 25 - 5 & 10 - 12 (Cool Down Weight).

2) Behind Neck Shoulder Military Press!

  • 4 Sets - 12.5 Kg - 8 Reps, 15 - 6, 20 - 5 & 10 - 12 (Cool Down Weight). Inda Ku Konpiden Ni Membuat Bukannya Apa Pasalnya Jarang Di Buat Bah Iatah Start Up Light.. In Shaa Allah Next Time Ard Will Add A Few More Weights.

3) Dumbbells Shoulder Press!
  • 4 Sets - 15 Kg - 8 Reps, 18 - 6, 20 - 6 & 11 - 12 (Cool Down Weight)

4) Dumbbells Reverse Fly!

  • 4 Sets - 15 Kg - 12 Reps, 18 - 10, 24 - 6 & 30 - 6. No Cool Down Weight.. Pasalnya Kawanku.. Alang2 hahahaha Dulur Saja Tia.. I Ong! 

5) Alternate Dumbbells Front Lateral Raise!

  • 4 Sets - 12 Kg - 10 Reps, 15 - 8 & 18 - 6

6) Upright Row!

  • 4 Sets - 20 Kg - 10 Reps, 30 - 8 & 40 - 6

7) The Shrug!

  • 4 Sets - 70 Kg - 12 Reps, 90 - 12, 160 - 15 & 200 - 15
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just About During The Holiday

 Went To Pulau Kayangan.. Membawa C Dang Jerry Yang Nda Pernah Ke Sana Hahaha Membari Rawan Ati.. Biasa Jadi Teman Mendgr Masalah.. Kesian Jua Org Udah Percaya Kan Diri.. Dengar Saja Dapat Pahala Ia Feel Better.. Nda Ja

Watched Hansel & Gretel.. Hahaha Totally Not Like The One From The Books.. Duh What Do You Expect.. Gory? Bloody Yes Man! And When You Have Two Bond Girls The Bad Ones In This Movie In Famke Janssen & Gemma Arterton Oh Hell Yeah Hahaha.. Okay If You Guys Still Thinking Who Is Gemma.. She Is The Girl Who Did Io In Clash Of The Titan & Princess Tamina In Prince Of Persia.. Ingat? Okay Review? Go Watch It.. Just Don't Eat Ur Popcorn While Watching It.. Forget Rotten Tomatoes.. Those Reviewer Of That Site Is Mostly Bullshit! This One I Dare To Recommend
Craving Satisfied.. Been Playing In My Head This Lot.. Otw Balik Dari Bandar Last Thursday Limpas Udah Kawasan Jerudong Kali Nda Mau Ilang dari Pikiran.. Cua U-Turn Ke Sengkurong.. Baik Jua Ada Di Sengkurong.. Mun Nada Cuba Berpatah Balik Ke Lambak Nada Cali Tu!
Gym Time With The Gym Buddies.. Back Session Again.. After My Solo Session A Few Days Back.. Teeheehee My Back Is Getting Good Pump This Week.. So Next Week Solo Session In Sha Allah Shoulders!

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25/1/2013 Back Session (Again :p)

For Warm Up Session I Did:

1) Pull Ups!
  • Standard Open Grip Pull-up Using Assisted Pull Up Machine. 2 Sets Of 8 & 6 Reps
  • Parallel Close Grip Pull Up Using Assisted Pull Up Machine, 2 Sets Of 8 & 6 Reps
  • Chin Up Using Assisted Pull Up Machine, 2 Sets Of 8 & 6 Reps
2) Standing One Arm Cable Pull Down!
  • 3 Sets, Weight 4,5 & 6 Plates Using Cable 15 Reps
3) Standing Cable Pull Down Using Rope!
  • 3 Sets, 50 Lbs Plates 15 Reps. Just Like The Photo Above But Instead Of The Pulling The Rope From Height Level To Ur Shoulder.. Mine Is A Variation Where The Height Of The Rope Is Way Above Your Head.. Knees Slightly Bend Body Arching Backward..Full Stretch While Pulling It.. Nyums!
4) Straight Arm Cable Pulldown!
  • 3 Sets, 50 Lbs Plates 15 Reps. And By This Back Is Already Well Pump! 
Now For The Back Session:

1) Standard Lat Pulldown
  • 4 Sets - 100 Lbs - 12 Reps, 120 Lbs - 10 Reps, 140 Lbs - 8 Reps, 80 Lbs 15 Reps (Cool Down Weight) 
2) Behind Neck Lat Pulldown
  • 4 Sets - 100 Lbs - 12 Reps, 120 Lbs - 10 Reps, 140 Lbs - 8 Reps, 80 Lbs 15 Reps (Cool Down Weight) 
3) Close Grip Using A Triangle Bar Lat Pulldown
  • 4 Sets - 100 Lbs - 12 Reps, 120 Lbs - 10 Reps, 140 Lbs - 8 Reps 80 Lbs 15 Reps (Cool Down Weight) This A Variation Some Might Like To Use The Reverse Lat Pulldown (Photo Below)..

3) Vertical Seated Rowing Machine
  • 4 Sets - 120 Lbs -15 Reps, 150 - 12 Reps, 189 Lbs - 10 Reps, 105 Lbs - 15 Reps (Cool Down Weight). Too Lazy To Do Seated Cable Row Plus By Doing This Gives You A Better Stability But Yeah Just Too Lazy Haa Haa Haa
4) T-Bar Row Pull Up
  • 4 Sets - 30 Kg - 15 Reps, 40 Kg - 15 Reps, 55 Kg - 15 Reps, 25 Kg - 15 Reps (Cool Down Weight)
5) One Arm While Standing Dumbbell Row
  • 4 Sets Weight? Tuu Sama Tu Weightnya Ah Yang Kami Angkat Ah.. Hahahaha Nadawah.. Okay Serious 15 Kg - 15 Reps, 17.5 Kg - 15 Reps, 22.5 Kg - 15 Reps, 15 Kg - 15 Reps.. And That Concludes Our Session.. Loving It Man.. Medium Weight Saja.. Nda Payah Barat2 And Now I'm Suffering From The Soreness.. Ish Ish Ish..
So My Next Log Would Be Shoulder Workout Tomorrow Sunday.. And Since The Start Of Next Week.. Sunday Would Be A Heavy Lift Day.. Tawakkal Tah Ku Esok Ni.. Shoulder Tah Jua Lagi Ani Membari Banci And Menangis.. Those Who Goes To The Gym Know What I'm Talking About.. But Mesti Jua Dibuat.. Kejarangan Ku Kejumpaan Org Yang Suka Shoulder Exercise.. Usually Chest Or Back.. But One Thing For Sure Esok I Will Add In Leg Work Out As Well.. Perut Pun Is A Must Sudah.. Thanks To Ah Weng Lah Tu Yang Pushing Us Around For It! See Its Always Great To Have Gym Buddies.. Motivates And Challenges You As Well As Annoy You So To Shut Them Up.. You Have To Do It.. And Its All Good Not Bad! =)
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This Is B-A-U-T Full

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today Back Session

 The Usual Warm Up Session.. Mana Boleh Miss Nie.. Alternating Between A Pull Up And Alternate Pull Up.. 8 Reps For 4 Sets..
For My Second Warm Up Session I Did One Arm Cable Pull Down.. But I I'm Doing It While Standing Up.. With My Body Arching Backwards.. I Get A Better Feel From It.. 3 Sets 15 Reps.. Weight Wise 30, 40 & 50 Lbs.
Third Warm Up Session A Variation To Cable Row.. This Time Using Rope.. Sometimes I Did It While Sitting Down But Today Chosen To Do It While Standing.. How I Do It? Usually I Bend My Knees A Bit.. Back A Bit Bend As Well.. Grabbing The Rope At The End.. Locking My Elbow Close To My Body While Pulling The Rope And Then At The End Spreading My Elbow Wide While Arching Chest Forward.. Nyaman Kana Nya Ni.. Haa Haa Haa.. Light Weight Saja 50 Lbs.. 3 Sets And 20 Reps..
My Final Warm Up Sets.. Straight Arm Cable Pull Down.. 3 Sets Of 15 Reps.. Weight Wise Depends On How Heavy U Willing To Go.. 
Alright My First Game.. Using The Hammer & Strength Behind Neck Pull Down.. 4 Sets 15 Reps.. With Starting Weight 25 , 40, 50 Kg A Side And Dropping  It Back To 20 Kg For The 4th Sets 
Second Game.. Lat Pull Down Using Triangle Bar.. Personal Faves When It Comes To Doing Back Exercise.. 4 Sets As Well With 15 Reps.. Starting Weight 80, 90 & 100 Lbs Dropping It To 70 Lbs For The 4th Sets..
Standing T Bar Row For My 3rd Game.. Love How It Hit Those Lower Back Muscles.. The Butts.. Hamstring As Well.. 4 Sets Of 20 Reps.. Weight Wise 25, 35 & 45 And Dropping Back To 25 Kg For The 4th Sets
Bent Over Lat Row With Wide Grip For My 4th Game.. Also Another Personal Faves.. Why? Because It Keeps Your Body Straight Especially With You Leaning.. Also It Is Important To Keep Ur Head Up.. Mun Nda Paning Kang Haha.. 4 Sets 15 Reps.. Starting Weight Of Antah Lupa Ku But  I Think 25 Then Adding Up 10 Kg For Every Sets.. No Drop Weight This Time Pasal Aku Samsing!
Since Aku Malas Membuat Normal Row.. I Chosen Using Machine Saja.. Its Less Demanding Plus I Was Already Tired.. 4 Sets Starting Weight 90 , 120, 140 Lbs 15 Reps Dropping Weight To 90 Lbs For The 4th Sets
Final Game.. Standing One Arm Dumbbell Row.. Exactly Like In The Picture.. 3 Sets 15 Reps For Each Weight Of 15, 18 & 20 Kg.. And By The End Of This Game My Heart Was Pumping Like Mad.. But Its All Bloody Worth The Time.. I Think By Next Month I Might Slip In Lunch Time Gym Session.. Maybe Once Or Twice A Week.. At Least Masa Ku Dengan Gym Buddies Can Concentrate On Heavy Lift G Pun Confident Tinggi Kalau Sama Durg.. Dapat Bernapsu Ngangkat Barat.. And Then Lunch Time Ani.. Its More Of High Reps With Less Rest.. Kira Nya Org Main Laju.. But See How It Goes First.. Plan Plan Jua Tapinya Tengok Keadaan Jua.. Nda Ja!

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For The Rest Of My Lifeeeeeeeeee

Sunday Chest Session

 Heavy Lift Week.. Since Most Of Us Can't Make It On Monday Or Tuesday.. So We Had An Early Start... Trying Out New Tips.. Where We Didn't Go For High Reps And Lifting It Slow.. More To Hitting The Negative.. Mean? Naik Perlahan.. Turun Pun Perlahan.. Especially On Heavier Weights Where The Gym Buddies Will Support In Lifting The Weights But I Have To Control It On My Own While Lowering It.. But I Was Told To Lift It Quicker Than The Other Because I Need To Burn More Fats Than Them.. Aaaaa I Love This Kind Of Tips.. Starting Out With 20 Kg A Side.. 6-8 Reps But 12 For Me Then Adding 10 Kg To The Next Two Sets.. No Minimum Or Maximum Reps.. Just Hitting It Till Failure.. And Dropping The Weights To 20 Kg For The 4th Set And Hit To Failure Again
 Second Exercise Will Be The Incline Bench Press.. The Next Tips Been Given Was Not Too Lift It As Heavy As When We Did The Bench Press.. The Idea Was To Concentrate On One Muscle Or One Exercise A Week Then Alternating It The Next Time We Do Our Chest Session.. Makes Sense Tho Especially When Ur Energy Is Getting Low.. So Same As The Earlier Game.. Slow And Concentrate More On That Negatives! 4 Sets 20, 30, 45 Kg (I Chose Heavier Weight And Higher Reps) And Dropping It To 15 Kg For The Last Sets.. Hitting It To Failure
3rd Game Decline Chest Press.. Personal Faves Especially When You Have Baggage Excess On The Lower Part Of Your Chest.. And You Can Live A Lil Bit Heavier Than The Other Two Presses Because Of The Shorter Range Of Motion.. The Same 4 Sets.. 20, 30, 45 Kg And Dropping It To 20 Kg For The Last Sets.. Hitting It To Failure.. 
Seating Machine Press For The 4th Game.. Just To Tire Those Chest Muscles Again.. 4 Sets Starting Weight Of 40 Lbs And Increasing It To Antah Lupa Ku Heheh Ngalih Sudah.. Did 15 Reps For All Sets
Cable Cross Hitting Them With 20 Reps.. For 4 Sets.. Starting With 30, 40, 50 Back To 30 Lbs.. A Real Push When You're Running On Empty Tank Hehe
And Seated Butterfly 4 Sets As Well Can't Really Remember The Weight Or The Reps.. I Just Keep On Hitting It Until I Can't Squeeze Those Arms Anymore.. Great Burn!
But We Didn't Earn There.. After A Short Break.. We Hit Our Biceps With A Few Super Sets Of Hammer And Preacher Curl As Well As Seated Incline Biceps Curl For Full Extension Before Doing Crunches For The Abs.. First We Did Decline Bench With Weight Crunches, A Normal Crunch & Russian Twist.. 25 Reps For All.. But If You Can Do More.. Go For It.. Remember Stop When You're Done Not Tired! Hehehe
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

From Saturday Till Today

 The Last Dikir Syarafil Anam Session That I Joined For This Year.. Well The Actual Last Day Untuk Kementerian Kami Is Today At Masjid Serusop But Since Today Ada Acara Dikir Syarafil Anam Jua Di Rumah Plus Was Feeling Tired.. Rain Check Tah
 Among The Attendees
Lapas Dikir Tarus Lah Aku Lepak Sama Anak Bertuah Ani Cua Abis Mua Di Kerajakannya.. Akhir Plang Balik K Kb
Sunday Finally She's Been Washed After Almost Or Over A Month.. Sandikan.. And With That I Found Out Two Things.. Satu Tayar Belakang Nampak Banang.. Atuya Cuba! Usin Lagi
And This.. Probably The 3rd Watch Yang My Dad Tergugur.. Ishhh Atukan Ishhhhhh Nah Malas Ku Kan Komen.. Yth Riuh Ku Atu Nda Ya Bunyi2.. Udah Nya Salah Tu Heh!
Managed To Squeeze In Gym Session With The Gym Buddies.. And We Found Out It Was A Great Session Why? We Were Given New Tips And Secondly How Peaceful And Less Hectic The Gym Was On Sunday.. So From Now On.. Sunday Is A Gym Day.. No More Mondays.. Its Too Hectic And Crowded.. Owh Btw Unofficially My Current Body Weight.. Suprised! But Not Satisfied Need To Loosen Some Fat On The Belly!
Yesterday Monday.. Just Before Going To Bandar.. Changed The Two Rear Tyre.. Biar Kapih Asal Selamat.. Tu Yang Penting!
Macam Nda Cukup Bah Ahh Gym Session On Sunday Atu.. Mana Ku Mau Buang Peluang Going To Harun Gym.. Did Cardio, Biceps & Triceps Last Night.. As Well As Abs!
Ahhhhhhh The Machine Is Back Aku Pun Terkajut.. Atukan Menghilang Ya Dulu.. Probably Since Branch Arah Parking Bertingkat Tutup.. Yth Banyak Equipment Berpindah Randah..
Earlier Today.. Baru Kemarin Kana Bagi Cara Melayu And Sinjang.. So Had To Putung It Today.. Told The Tukang Jahit Needed It To Be Done By Tomorrow.. But If I'm Lucky Malam Later Pun Boleh Ambil.. Yes! Dapat Ku Sasah Tarus.. Mun Nda Miang Eh..
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